Green-breasted Mango - Concord, NC

23 November 2000

The following photos were taken with a 500mm F/8 mirrored lens on 800 ASA print film. The resulting print was then scanned and enlarged. The fact that anything came out at all was a major stroke of luck!

Thanks to Lori Turner for allowing birders to invade her backyard! Many thanks also for the wonderful hospitality shown us by her, her neighbors (The Love's), and the many NC area birders as well!

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Green-breasted Mango Photo 1
Full view, note the Cinnamon stripe extending down the sides from the bill.

Green-breasted Mango Photo 2
Better view of the back

Green-breasted Mango Photo 3
View of some of the tail feathers, showing limited white tips and significant rufous area.

Green-breasted Mango Photo 4
More tail feathers.

Looking for more photos of this bird? Take a look at the shots on Eric and Celia Dean's web pages. I can see that Eric's technique can really advance the documentation of rare birds. The ability to get immediate feedback in the field and KNOW that you have the shot is really impressive!